Why hello there!

Hey everyone!

It has been very chilly and snowy, but the chickens stlll continue to free range. They really are hearty birds. They weren’t laying eggs at all over the winter, but they now are laying huge eggs that are absolutely delicious! Our red star chicken lays the most eggs, so if you are looking for that quality i would defienently recommend them. They are also very beautiful! Th only bad thing about the snow and having chickens is that once the snow starts to melt and everything gets warmer the chicken poo starts to smell vile an it is absolutely nauseating to walk outside. Our back yard is practically poop soup! (not very yummy 😦 I am really hoping that as it starts to dry up the smell vanishes, but something is telling me it won’t. Many of our neighbors have taking a special liking to the idea of chicken keeping after they have tried our chickens fresh eggs! People have been coming over and asking for the whole speech on chicken care and pretty much asking every single question there is! It’s cool to think that we have inspired people to keep them!

     We have been desperately needing fresh hay after most of ours was ruined in the rain and snow, so the chickens feet were extra muddy for a while when we didn’t have enough hay. Tip: never pick up a chicken that has muddy feet because they will have no mercy. I have definently noticed a difference in how chicken eggs taste and how store bought eggs taste. Also how our eggs are GINORMOUS compared to others. After not eating chicken eggs for a while it was pleasant to go back to the delicious eggs.


Anyway just an update on the chicken loving life since i haven’t updated in a long time! It was great to talk to you all!



The chickens are handling the transition into winter np better than they did this year. The bad part is that they haven’t been laying three eggs a day and have been eating their own eggs BIG NO NO. We have tried a lot to get them to stop. So far JoJo and Pippa are fine it’s just Mable who is always having problems. We think it might be something about her breed of chicken we don’t know. If anyone out there does know please comment below a reason or a way to help. Note that we have tried a lot of things already! Mable is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. Plus I get a lot of viewers from places all around the world and that fascinates me! So I was wondering if anyone wanted to, to send me a picture of their chickens or even of the prettiest view where you live. Traveling has always fascinated me, as did chickens, so please do if you get the chance! I also wanted to talk about cicadas. I’ve mentioned before that chickens love to eat cicadas and so where I live there are dead ones all around on the sidewalk. If there are cicadas where you live feel free to bring them home and feed them to your chickens. They absolutely love them. Plus it’s a good source of protein and, if you have lazy chickens, it gets them running because they will definitely fight over it! A also never feed your chickens chocolate, alcohol, Clover, Alfalfa, Daffodil, Buttercup, Lamb’s Quarters,
Milkweed, Philodendron, Tulips or Wild Onion. These things are bad for your chickens. But don’t let this keep you from letting your chickens free range. If you have a lot of these plants around where you live it may not be the best idea. Chickens need to also eat either grit or very small rocks so that hey can grind up their food in their gizzard in order to eat it. So if you ever give your baby chickens lettuce or even a clump of grass keep a clump of dirt on the end of it in order to introduce them to the taste of dirt, certain minerals in dirt and even the texture of dirt. Also by doing this they now have the ability to grind up bigger foods.

No more Broodiness!!!!

Mable has officially come out of her broody stage! Hallelujah!!! We don’t know why i had tried dunking her in cold water 2 other times, but i dont think that is the reason. I think it is just frankly that she stopped! One day she was just out of the coop and back with the other chickens. But, something i did find weird, was that once i stopped holding her in the water, she just stayed there. She didn’t even try to get out. And she could if she wanted to! Maybe she likes bath. First ever chicken to like a bath i’ll say. IMG_0537 <- i mean really, what was going on! IMG_0540

Broody Mable and the Chillaxing Chickens

The chickens just chilled today.IMGP2952JoJo Pippa IMGP2958Mable is getting broodier. I had to force her out of the coop this morning. When she gets mad she puffs out even more which is funny because she is already huge in general, so she looks like an overly-flated balloon! 🙂 Laika looks like she wants to go after the chickens even more than before! IMGP2974 <- she is stalking them!  IMGP2964<- I forced Mable out! It took a while and she was acting strange and making weird clucking noises and movies awkwardly around the coop. I wonder if she ever comes out to eat. I had to close the coop door to make her stay out a little longer. Once i opened it she went straight back in!