The contests must stop!!

I very sad to say that I am going to have to stop the contests because nobody is participating in them. I am very sorry but it had to be done. Good news we should be getting eggs soon.



Sadly…… NOBODY sent in a funny chicken picture for the month!!!!!!!!! I am very sad. (SOB SOB SOB SOB) But, fear no more! For the month of June send in your Best Chicken Poem! I am very excited about this one because i have always been good at poetry, and i found it relaxing and fun. Please do not fail me this time! PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The BIG Event!

I have a very new (and EXCITING) event that i will be introducing to my blog! It will be happening repeatedly every month! It……….is………..a…………CONTEST!!!!!! On the first day of every single month of the year i will be giving the certain contest that you can participate in! I will be starting one contest today, even though it is not in the beginning of the month. You just have to work faster!!! To enter your submissions to the monthly contest you must find the comment box on my blog and add in what i am asking for! It’s a piece of cake! For every contest you will have until the second to last day of each month to put in your submissions. If i pick your entry than i will post in on my blog on the last day of the month. All of the winners will be under the category of “Contest Winners!” The contest for this month is Your Funniest Chicken Picture! Just give me the picture along with the country and or state you live in, your name, and the name of your chicken. Please do not send any more entries after the end of the month. Thank you for participating and have FUN!!!!!