No more Broodiness!!!!

Mable has officially come out of her broody stage! Hallelujah!!! We don’t know why i had tried dunking her in cold water 2 other times, but i dont think that is the reason. I think it is just frankly that she stopped! One day she was just out of the coop and back with the other chickens. But, something i did find weird, was that once i stopped holding her in the water, she just stayed there. She didn’t even try to get out. And she could if she wanted to! Maybe she likes bath. First ever chicken to like a bath i’ll say. IMG_0537 <- i mean really, what was going on! IMG_0540


Broody Mable and the Chillaxing Chickens

The chickens just chilled today.IMGP2952JoJo Pippa IMGP2958Mable is getting broodier. I had to force her out of the coop this morning. When she gets mad she puffs out even more which is funny because she is already huge in general, so she looks like an overly-flated balloon! 🙂 Laika looks like she wants to go after the chickens even more than before! IMGP2974 <- she is stalking them!  IMGP2964<- I forced Mable out! It took a while and she was acting strange and making weird clucking noises and movies awkwardly around the coop. I wonder if she ever comes out to eat. I had to close the coop door to make her stay out a little longer. Once i opened it she went straight back in!