About three weeks ago my sister went to check the coop for eggs. When she looked inside she saw a round figure like thing in the back part of the coop. Whats weird about this is that Pippa has always layed her eggs in the egg box. My sister had to open the side of the coop just to get to the egg. It turns out the egg was a starter. A starter egg is an egg that isn’t quite finished yet. It’s the kind of thing that gets a chicken used to laying eggs. You can’t eat the starter eggs, but they sure look funny! We are not sure if this egg is from JoJo or Mable. We probably won’t ever find out.


Cooking Deliciousness

Today i had the honor of cooking the very first egg! We wanted to compare the chickens egg to a store bought egg. I took the SBE and put it in the pan, then i took the CE and cracked it in the pan next to the SBE. The CE’s yolk was SOOO much smaller than the SBE’s yolk was. They cooked at about the same rate. After they were done we added some pepper and salt. My whole family ate one bite of the store bout egg. Then i split the yolk to the chickens egg. It was soooo orange. we tried a bit of that one. one word…………………….WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much more flavorful, it melted in my mouth and the yolk was delicious. I don’t eat eggs often but i would eat an egg every day if they were like this one was! We hope to find more VERY soon!

 =The chicken egg!      =cooking the eggs   

=Me cooking eggs