The Arrival of Breakfast!!!!!!!!

OUR VERY FIRST EGG CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!! Here is the story. My dad was talking to us and he asked me if i could go check the coop for eggs because they should start laying very soon. I got my coop shoes on and i walked in the coop. i didn’t expect to find anything because we NEVER do. I walk into the run, take off the latch and open the door. Right there in front of my face is a very small light brown egg with two darker speckles. All around the egg the hay was scooted aside. We think the egg belongs to my sisters chicken Pippa because after i took the egg out Pippa came over to where the agg was and started sqwuaking and looking around. My sister also said that when she came in to look for chicken eggs Pippa was in the coop and she went crazy until she left. But we still do not know for sure. When i found the egg i started screaming egg egg egg egg. My sister went insane and she came down to see it. I was so happy i found it first and i declared that i would also cook it first as well! Here are some pictures so you can enjoy my egg happiness!!!!!



Heat WaVe

It is very hot here in Illinois, so that means that our chickens are hot, too. Pippa got so hot that she dug up the hay until she got to the dirt, then she actually layed down sideways, spread out her wings, and opened her mouth. It was very funny! so far we are waiting to see when the very first egg will come and from which chicken. The way to tell which egg is from which chicken is easy. Just look at the color of the flap of skin around their ear. The very first egg from a chicken is usually very small and oddly shaped, it also usually doesn’t have a yolk inside it. Ways to tell that your chicken is about to lay an egg is their behavior. Chickens will run around noisily, sqwuaking, basically acting like a maniac. I like to call this the “Egg Dance.” After about 30 minutes of this your chicken will lay down in any place they like, lift their butts really high and . . . . . . LAY AN EGG!!!!!

Waiting for the Surprise!

Hello Everybody! It appears that we are counting down the days until the very first and precious egg comes to reveal its self in our henhouse. The chickens are now about 15-16 weeks old, and they are supposed to start laying  at 18 weeks! I want to be the first person to cook the first egg of our three chickens. I am going to try and find out which egg belongs to which chicken. It is known that the color of the egg is the same as the skin around the chickens ear. I am very excited because  i can’t wait until my family’s celebration party. I am going to show everybody about the chickens, AND i want to answer all of the questions they have. I will be like one of the presenters at the zoo! If YOU have any questions, please ask! I have some updated pictures of the chickens for you!    Here are the chickens roosting on my arm one by one!

 (Pippa)  (JoJo)


Haven’t they gotten so much bigger? They’re turning into mature ladies!

Talk to you later!

The Mysterious Blue

A while back when we still had the one-day-old chicks, two people came to adopt some from us. They really wanted to get chickens, too. When they came in the room full of baby chicks, we had already set aside the chickens we picked out. With all of the chickens that we got the people hat send us a rare chick as well. It was an all gray chick that was really soft. It is called a Blue Andolusion. The only thing about this chicken is that, you don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. The people that picked out chickens from us took a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a Red Star, a Barred Rock, and the Blue Andolusion! We told the people to tell us if it was a boy or girl and to send us a picture of it! After all this time, they have!!! It is a bluish and grayish feathered adolescent chick. All of the feathers lay in a sort of pattern.  (The chicken next to it is the Red Star.) It looks like they got a yummy salad! Nothing much new with my chickens except for the fact that their funny noises are turning into ACTUAL clucks!! They are almost going to start laying eggs. I just have to wait until the end of June! I noticed that not many people are going into my contest (actually no one is) Please participate because i really want to hear from other chicken lovers. Thank You, and have a fantastic day!