Well hello!

I haven’t been posting lately, I know I know, shame on me! But hey, let’s get caught up! My three chickens are still with us, however they are not laying as much anymore, infact we haven’t gotten any eggs in the past week at least. We have been toying with the idea of getting new chickens, and if we do decide on that I will make sure to keep you updated on all of it! Our two chickens, Pippa and Mable, have become extremely rude to JoJo, who was originally the runt of the litter. We still notice depressed qualities in her behavior. Such as constantly lying down, never putting her tail up, lack of movement unless absolutely necessary and cowering in the presence of the other two chickens. In the simplest ways, Pippa and Mable have become straight up bullies to JoJo and I don’t like it one bit! They constantly peck at her and keep her from eating special treats or even getting near them. Maybe I am too emotional about it, but I feel so bad for JoJo! Sometimes I think about getting rid of just Pippa and Mable and keeping JoJo so she wouldn’t have to be tortured by them anymore. Anyway, we have also notice an extremely defensive and aggressive personality that has been instilled into Pippa. Red Stars are extremely scary in my eyes. My neighbors have some as well and theirs act just the same as ours do. They constantly follow you and creep up on you, then they peck at your feet and ankles and squawk at you all the time! It is honestly terrifying, well I guess as terrifying as a chicken can be! Anyway to end the update, our top contenders for our new chicken breed is either Brahmas, because we read of their consistent laying, overall docility and their delightfulness in households with dogs. And/Or Silkies because they don’t ruin your garden and eat all your grass, plus they are absolutely adorable. The only downside to Silkies is the size of their eggs, which I don’t mind, but the rest of my family seems to think they are too small.

It’s great to talk to your guys again!

See ya later, Julia


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