It’s Official!

Hey Guys! Well, it’s official, JoJo is diagnosed with Chanxiety, a terrible medical condition in which one chicken is brutally bullied by her coop mates. No, but in all seriousness JoJo is seriously depressed. At first we thought it might be technical conditions, but i have diagnosed her with depression and anxiety. She is harassed by the other chickens, Mable and JoJo, who have ganged up on her and ridiculed her. They pluck at her feathers, push her, shove her out of the way, sometimes they just peck her. They are true jerks who are consistently rude to the point where JoJo has no where safe to go and not a single second of peace. It makes me unbelievably sad to see her in this state. It’s almost like school where the popular “chick” (haha), Pippa, and her obnoxious air-head friend, Mable, pick on the new girl, JoJo, because she’s smaller and weaker and not stylish. Quick reminder that JoJo was the runt. JoJo is being bullied by these chickens and I have no idea how to stop it. They are forced to live in the same space, which requires no place for JoJo to hide. She really needs some friends. I wouldn’t want to put her on her own because i don’t think solitary confinement would be any better, and i don’t want to introduce her to any new chickens at this age, because the same thing might happen. I think what Pippa needs to understand is that I OWN her, literally, I could cook her, I could throw her in the garbage can, I could chop her head off, I could kill her, i could cover her in peanut butter and let my dogs loose. OF COURSE I WOULD NEVER DO THESE THINGS THEY ARE CRUEL AND I AM FULLY AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO. What I am saying is that Pippa needs like, Chicken therapy, which is absurd. And Mable needs to stop following Pippa’s acts of bullying towards JoJo. And JoJo needs some self confidence. She never walks around, she is offend laying down, she ALWAYS has her tail down, she never squawks or makes any noise, and she always has this overall gloomy zombie-chicken-looking feel to her. OVERALL, this upsets me greatly, and because I can not be JoJo’s bodyguard 24/7 I will read up and find a way to help my issue, no matter what. Expect an update to this issue in the near future. TOGETHER WE CAN STAND UP TO CHICKEN BULLYING!