Neighborhood Chickens!

Hey y’all! So, first of all i would like to proudly say that I have now seen my chicken lay an egg, with my own eyes, for the second time! It can be kinda gross, but it’s also pretty cool. I would not recommend spying on your chickens though when their in the coop, it’s a warning sign for “leave me alone!” or “Important egg laying in process, do not disturb!” Your chicken will probably start squawking very violently at you, and may even sound vaguely like a rooster, that’s your cue to back off. They are obviously angry. Nonetheless it was pretty  cool. Also, the meaning for this post was to tell you  about how are neighbors, two houses down, have come into the at of chicken keeping, too! They purchased three Silkies and one Red Star. They are un aware of the of the gender of the Silkies, and where I live you are only allowed to keep female birds. They will only be in possesion of three birds, so even if all three of the Silkies are females they will have to get rid of one of them. I recommend trading them in to your local fed store in return for feed or, if you have only one chicken you don’t want, to just donate it to the store. The Silkies are a great chicken to get if you are new to chicken keeping or if you have a very nice garden and or yard you would like to keep that way. The Silkies are a smaller bird that on’t peck and tear as much at vegetation as other birds do. The most common colors are white and black, but if you are planning on getting a Silkie make sure you get at least two because they do not like to travel alone and they can get depressed, not lay eggs, get broody, or become aggresive. The Red Stars are usually the boss of the other chickens, they can be very pushy and like to lead, so you need to keep that in mind when buying your birds. The Red Stars do lay very big eggs though. Chicken Keeping is a growing art that many families are starting to get in to, it’s so much fun and also a super awesome thing to do if you have kids! If you just got chickens take a picture of the cute fluffy buys and post it to the hashtag #chickenswithjulia I would love to see them!


2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Chickens!

  1. claudineise says:

    Yay! Hi it’s Claudine, I am very excited to join the chicken keeping neighborhood and I’m glad to read that you agree that it’s important to have several Silkies. I agree – and will have to cross the bridge of “which Silkie might be a rooster” when we come to it. If any of your blog readers live in Midwestern places where they can have roosters, and might want a Silkie rooster if we wind up with one, send them my way!

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