Tail Down: What’s Up? (eggbound chicken)

Recently, our smallest hen, JoJo, has been walking around with her tail down. We see this activity especially around our other two chickens. She was always the runt of the group so it is possible that she is feeling intimidated, or being “bullied” by the other chickens. It could also be that she is egg bound. This is a very serious problem that is not very common with chickens, but it obviously does occur. Being eggbound means that your chicken has an egg stuck in their oviduct. Signs of an eggbound hen are a droopy tail, she is fluffed up, acting lethargic, sitting/laying on the ground most of the time, fatigue, closed eyes, lack of energy, or dragging wings. If she is straining herself throughout the day or on occasion is also another sign. if you feel an egg-shaped lump, that’s pretty much all the proof you need to know you must take action. reasons why she may be eggbound could be because her pelvis simply isn’t big enough, she isn’t getting enough calcium, she has too much protein, stress, bad quality feed,  or dehydration. One way to help your chicken is to first, feed her more electrolytes and give her a better source of calcium, the other process is to fill a tray with a shallow amount of warm water, tall enough to soak your chickens bottom in. While she is in the water you should massage her abdomen area. After soaking her for 5-10 minutes take her out a dry her with a towel. If it is winter time use a hair dryer on the lowest setting, or make usre she is COMPLETELY dry before letting her back outside.  keep your chicken in a quiet dark cage, such as a do crate with a towel draped over the top, then put a heating pad under a towel in the crate and leave her to herself for a while. You want a moist heated environment. Continue the soaking every hour or so until she lays her egg. As a last resort you can go to a veternarian for help. Hope this helped! Any questions? Just comment below!


Neighborhood Chickens!

Hey y’all! So, first of all i would like to proudly say that I have now seen my chicken lay an egg, with my own eyes, for the second time! It can be kinda gross, but it’s also pretty cool. I would not recommend spying on your chickens though when their in the coop, it’s a warning sign for “leave me alone!” or “Important egg laying in process, do not disturb!” Your chicken will probably start squawking very violently at you, and may even sound vaguely like a rooster, that’s your cue to back off. They are obviously angry. Nonetheless it was pretty  cool. Also, the meaning for this post was to tell you  about how are neighbors, two houses down, have come into the at of chicken keeping, too! They purchased three Silkies and one Red Star. They are un aware of the of the gender of the Silkies, and where I live you are only allowed to keep female birds. They will only be in possesion of three birds, so even if all three of the Silkies are females they will have to get rid of one of them. I recommend trading them in to your local fed store in return for feed or, if you have only one chicken you don’t want, to just donate it to the store. The Silkies are a great chicken to get if you are new to chicken keeping or if you have a very nice garden and or yard you would like to keep that way. The Silkies are a smaller bird that on’t peck and tear as much at vegetation as other birds do. The most common colors are white and black, but if you are planning on getting a Silkie make sure you get at least two because they do not like to travel alone and they can get depressed, not lay eggs, get broody, or become aggresive. The Red Stars are usually the boss of the other chickens, they can be very pushy and like to lead, so you need to keep that in mind when buying your birds. The Red Stars do lay very big eggs though. Chicken Keeping is a growing art that many families are starting to get in to, it’s so much fun and also a super awesome thing to do if you have kids! If you just got chickens take a picture of the cute fluffy buys and post it to the hashtag #chickenswithjulia I would love to see them!

Different shapes and sizes

It is important to know that even if your chicken is very large or fat, it doesn’t always mean that they will lay large eggs. The skinniest chicken in my “flock” is the one that lays the largest ones and double yolks. The fattest one sometimes lays no eggs at all or small ones. Our srawniest chicken lays bigger eggs, but they are on the pale side. All chickens lay different eggs and it has nothing to do with appearence of the chicken, research a chickens qualities before purchasing one to ensure that you get all your desired needs filled!

Why hello there!

Hey everyone!

It has been very chilly and snowy, but the chickens stlll continue to free range. They really are hearty birds. They weren’t laying eggs at all over the winter, but they now are laying huge eggs that are absolutely delicious! Our red star chicken lays the most eggs, so if you are looking for that quality i would defienently recommend them. They are also very beautiful! Th only bad thing about the snow and having chickens is that once the snow starts to melt and everything gets warmer the chicken poo starts to smell vile an it is absolutely nauseating to walk outside. Our back yard is practically poop soup! (not very yummy 😦 I am really hoping that as it starts to dry up the smell vanishes, but something is telling me it won’t. Many of our neighbors have taking a special liking to the idea of chicken keeping after they have tried our chickens fresh eggs! People have been coming over and asking for the whole speech on chicken care and pretty much asking every single question there is! It’s cool to think that we have inspired people to keep them!

     We have been desperately needing fresh hay after most of ours was ruined in the rain and snow, so the chickens feet were extra muddy for a while when we didn’t have enough hay. Tip: never pick up a chicken that has muddy feet because they will have no mercy. I have definently noticed a difference in how chicken eggs taste and how store bought eggs taste. Also how our eggs are GINORMOUS compared to others. After not eating chicken eggs for a while it was pleasant to go back to the delicious eggs.


Anyway just an update on the chicken loving life since i haven’t updated in a long time! It was great to talk to you all!