Broody Mable and the Chillaxing Chickens

The chickens just chilled today.IMGP2952JoJo Pippa IMGP2958Mable is getting broodier. I had to force her out of the coop this morning. When she gets mad she puffs out even more which is funny because she is already huge in general, so she looks like an overly-flated balloon! 🙂 Laika looks like she wants to go after the chickens even more than before! IMGP2974 <- she is stalking them!  IMGP2964<- I forced Mable out! It took a while and she was acting strange and making weird clucking noises and movies awkwardly around the coop. I wonder if she ever comes out to eat. I had to close the coop door to make her stay out a little longer. Once i opened it she went straight back in!


I’M BACK!!!!

Hey guys. I know it has been a really long time since I have posted anything and I wanted to make it up to you viewers! I love all of you guys and hope you still enjoy my blog. Well, the chickens are older now except we have a problem. Mable, my chicken, won’t get out of the coop she just sits there all day and she is eating our eggs. I caught her eating one once and she didnt even stop she just kept on eating it! She is broody. We have tried the method of dunking her in very cold water. Not her whole head just her body, we held her there for a few minutes and then took her out. We were supposed to repeat that process but it was going to take hours so we just hoped for the best. It didn’t work. But, Pippa and JoJo are great. Pippa is demanding and pushy (don’t forget bossy) as always. But, we try our best to help JoJo. OH!!! Earlier this month we tried out letting the dogs out with the chickens! We did Daisy first. AND I FORGOT TO TELL YOU do you remember Bongo? HE fell out of a 2 story window and we had to put him down SO SAD 😦 😦 but we did get a new dog named Laika i will post a picture of her. Well, we tried Daisy first and, being the rat terrier she is we thought she would go after the chickens. But NO. She just sat there and did NOTHING! We were so shocked. Laika is the one who wanted to play with them and possibly eat them. I wish i could speak dog, don’t you? anyway we never let her get that far.