Mable’s First

We have gotten Mable’s very first egg! It is very small and long, don’t forget pointy! we have gotten three of her eggs in total so far. Her eggs have brown specks all over them. We know it’s Mable’s because she was up in the coop and when she came down we looked in and sure enough there it was ready for frying! Our chickens have been very skitish because of our new dog around, but they seem to manage. One day JoJo laid a huge and long egg that turned out to be a double yolk. The double yolks do not seem to taste as well because all of the energy goes into making it instead of making it taste good. But thats ok they taste fine and we will eat them if you give them to us! The rest of the time has been pretty good, when it gets really hot we but trays of ice in the coop. Once it melts the chickens actually dunk their whole heads into the water! JoJo sometimes lays down and sticks her head in the hole in the cinder block. We think that the cinder block is cold because the water sits on top of it.