Cicadas and Sticks

Today we have brought the chickens outside for about the fourth time. They were roaming for a while, they were also eating some white bread that we had given them. P.S. bread is ok for chickens, but make sure not to feed them too much or they could get sick. All of the sudden we see Pippa running away from the other chickens which are following her. We notice that there os something in her mouth. After i got a good look at it i realized it was an alive cicada. Pippa ate the whole cicada whole. You could see it go down her throat. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the other chickens were jealous, but you have to fight for what you want in the hen house! When it was time to bring the chickens in i sprinkled some feed for the chickens. They all slowly came over to eat it. After a while of eating Mable turns around. In front of her is a very long stick about as thick as the pointer finger. Mable looks straight at it and pecks it! I thought it was so funny because she kept on pecking it, like all of the sudden it would become a yummy food that she could actually eat.


Free Range Chickens

Today was avery important day. Today was the very first day we EVER let the chickens rom free in the yard. We opened the door to the coop and Pippa comes out Then Mable. JoJo comes out very slowly and cautiously. They roam close to the coop at first but then go farther and farther until they are very far away. All three of the chickens always stay together. We fed them a little bread along with some blueberries. I even picked some weeds from our garden and they scarfed them up so fast. They found the little side garden next to the coop and would just walk in it and eat at the same time. It was fun to watch them because they looked soooo funny being in the grass when they have been on hay for so long!                                       

Fresh from the Chicken

I have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY cool story to tell you all. Here it goes. So i walked out to the coop to check it for eggs. I notice Pippa isn’t down in the run of the coop. My mom comes outside with me to see if theres an egg. I open the coop door and i see Pippa laying in the egg box. She gives me a very LOUD sqwack so i shut the door quickly. After a while of waiting i open the coop door again. Pippa is standing up. She starts pushing as of she is going to poop. Al of the sudden i see a brown round edge come out of her butt. A very small but cute brown speckled egg pops out of her and gently hits the bottom of the egg box. I have just seen her lay an egg.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing. I start telling my mom and she can’t believe it. She said that she heard the thunk of the egg but she didn’t see the egg come out! It was amazing!


About three weeks ago my sister went to check the coop for eggs. When she looked inside she saw a round figure like thing in the back part of the coop. Whats weird about this is that Pippa has always layed her eggs in the egg box. My sister had to open the side of the coop just to get to the egg. It turns out the egg was a starter. A starter egg is an egg that isn’t quite finished yet. It’s the kind of thing that gets a chicken used to laying eggs. You can’t eat the starter eggs, but they sure look funny! We are not sure if this egg is from JoJo or Mable. We probably won’t ever find out.