Sadly…… NOBODY sent in a funny chicken picture for the month!!!!!!!!! I am very sad. (SOB SOB SOB SOB) But, fear no more! For the month of June send in your Best Chicken Poem! I am very excited about this one because i have always been good at poetry, and i found it relaxing and fun. Please do not fail me this time! PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Waiting for the Surprise!

Hello Everybody! It appears that we are counting down the days until the very first and precious egg comes to reveal its self in our henhouse. The chickens are now about 15-16 weeks old, and they are supposed to start laying  at 18 weeks! I want to be the first person to cook the first egg of our three chickens. I am going to try and find out which egg belongs to which chicken. It is known that the color of the egg is the same as the skin around the chickens ear. I am very excited because  i can’t wait until my family’s celebration party. I am going to show everybody about the chickens, AND i want to answer all of the questions they have. I will be like one of the presenters at the zoo! If YOU have any questions, please ask! I have some updated pictures of the chickens for you!    Here are the chickens roosting on my arm one by one!

 (Pippa)  (JoJo)


Haven’t they gotten so much bigger? They’re turning into mature ladies!

Talk to you later!

The Mysterious Blue

A while back when we still had the one-day-old chicks, two people came to adopt some from us. They really wanted to get chickens, too. When they came in the room full of baby chicks, we had already set aside the chickens we picked out. With all of the chickens that we got the people hat send us a rare chick as well. It was an all gray chick that was really soft. It is called a Blue Andolusion. The only thing about this chicken is that, you don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. The people that picked out chickens from us took a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a Red Star, a Barred Rock, and the Blue Andolusion! We told the people to tell us if it was a boy or girl and to send us a picture of it! After all this time, they have!!! It is a bluish and grayish feathered adolescent chick. All of the feathers lay in a sort of pattern.  (The chicken next to it is the Red Star.) It looks like they got a yummy salad! Nothing much new with my chickens except for the fact that their funny noises are turning into ACTUAL clucks!! They are almost going to start laying eggs. I just have to wait until the end of June! I noticed that not many people are going into my contest (actually no one is) Please participate because i really want to hear from other chicken lovers. Thank You, and have a fantastic day!

The BIG Event!

I have a very new (and EXCITING) event that i will be introducing to my blog! It will be happening repeatedly every month! It……….is………..a…………CONTEST!!!!!! On the first day of every single month of the year i will be giving the certain contest that you can participate in! I will be starting one contest today, even though it is not in the beginning of the month. You just have to work faster!!! To enter your submissions to the monthly contest you must find the comment box on my blog and add in what i am asking for! It’s a piece of cake! For every contest you will have until the second to last day of each month to put in your submissions. If i pick your entry than i will post in on my blog on the last day of the month. All of the winners will be under the category of “Contest Winners!” The contest for this month is Your Funniest Chicken Picture! Just give me the picture along with the country and or state you live in, your name, and the name of your chicken. Please do not send any more entries after the end of the month. Thank you for participating and have FUN!!!!!

Hay and Wood Chips

Today I helped my dad put wood chips and hay in the chicken coop! The ground in the coop got very muddy and poopy. EWWW!!!! For all of the people that own chickens, you know exactly what i’m talking about. We scattered around a thin layer of the wood chips and when i was throwing some inside the coop, Pippa jumped right in front of me! I accidentally  threw chips at her. She clucked like an insane person (chicken.) Then my dad brought out his huge bale of hay. He cut of the strings and we both took two humongous clumps of it in our hands. By the way i decided to put the chickens in their coop so i wouldn’t hit them with anything else. My dad and i put a nice thick layer on top of the chips, but i am a perfectionist to some extent and i needed to make sure the hay level looked very nice and tidy. After we were finished i opened up the door, and the chickens ran out on to the hay. I watched them for a while. Mable stared scratching up the hay, thanks a lot for ruining the perfect layer Mable! I was still happy that Mable was having fun. JoJo and Pippa took after Mable and started pecking and scratching at the hay as well. I think that the ground looks so much prettier and cleaner than it did before. Here are some pictures of the new bedding!


iI think they love it!!!!!!!!!!!! The next pictures are of a little garden we have next to the chicken coop. In the summer, when the plants are FULLY grown, we can just grab a handful and through it in the coop!


I am SO happy that we got the chickens. The whole thing is going just perfectly! Now i can’ t imagine life without them!


Reading in the Coop!

Hey everybody from around the world! Yesterday I went in the coop so I could read my book that was assigned for homework. It was very damp and soooooo muddy. But, I really wanted to read in the coop so I stayed and lived through the day. Next thing I know a muddy, disgusting footed chicken, called Pippa jumps on my grey (now muddy) jeans. Then, and I swear she only did it to make me mad, she walked around for a while getting my jeans extra dirty. The next thing I know Mable gets jelous and decides to join us. Her feet are worse! Good thing I remembered to wear a junky jacket because Mable jumps up on to my back!!!! You may as well pour mud on me! I try to block them out and read my book, guess what, it doesn’t work. Mable keeps on trying to peck me in the ear and she makes really loud noises. Pippa keeps on trying to peck me in the eye with is no better. If anything it’s worse! I have now decided that I like JoJo’s silence and her lack of jumping. I give up and shove Pippa off my legs. Then I slowly brush off Mable. Right after I put Mable on the ground she jumps up on me and i pick her up with both my hands and slowly put her on the ground. She jumps up again and I put her down again. I do this over about six times before I jump out of my seats so she can’t get on me. But oh boy, if you saw her crouched down with her eyes trained on me, you would have ran out the door! She looked like she was going to jump at a seconds notice! I got out the door and locked it. The whole surface of my pant legs were covered in muddy chicken foot prints, so was the back of my jacket. With all the hoopla I read about three pages of my book before the caos began. The lesson I want you to take from this story is…. NEVER READ IN THE CHICKEN COOP!!!!!!!!!!!!


They love having little "Family Dinners." I always see them fight over the food, theres enough for everyone!    They love having little “Family Dinners.” I always see them fight over the food, there is enough for everyone!

 Pippa cocks her head, almost like she is listening or confused!