Chicken Seeds!

Hey everybody! I have just planted a mix of seeds by the chicken coop. There are plants like Bok Choy, Spinach, Basil, and a lot of the seeds were from a package called “Chicken Salad.” It has Dwarf Essex Rape, Purple Top Turnip, Bracco White Mustard, Forage Kale, and Landino Clover. They are plants the chickens will supposedly like to eat. I planted them by scattering them in a strip of dug up dirt. After i did that, i stomped on the dirt to burry them in so they wouldn’t be washed away when it rained. Then just to get the seeds growing i gave them a nice long drink of water from our hose! The seeds were planted right next to the chicken coop, so when we want to feed the plants to the chickens, we can just pluck them out and throw them in. We also experimented with clumps of grass. When we were finished digging up the grass so we could plant the seeds, we took the grass clumps and put them in the chicken coop. The chickens were sooooo happy!!!! They couldn’t wait to have something to play with! Mable would go up on the grass and scratch on it. (I bet she found a worm!) The other chickens were standing on them and pecking at them. It was nice to see them enjoy themselves.Today, when my dad was mowing the lawn, the chickens HATED it!!! They couldn’t stand the noise, they kept on squawking and freaking out! I guess lawn mowers are NOT chicken friendly! 🙂 My chickens also really do not like water. When i went to water the seeds i planted, all of them went and huddled in the corner. JoJo kept on squishing herself against the fence and kept on trying to get underneath the other two chickens! I felt so bad, but i needed to water the seeds if they were to grow. I wonder how the chickens will do with the rain. Rain takes longer to stop.  


Apple Cider and Chickens

Hello chicken lovers! I am going to show you link from a website that i posted only blog. It is about Apple cider. It tells how apple cider is very acidic and if you drink it, can help your immune system and keep some diseases on the down low. The article goes towards pigeons, but the lady at the Belmont Feed and Seed Store says that this is also true about chickens! I found the article amazing and i think you will too. By the way the chickens have now had three nights sleeping outside and they loved it!!!! They all sleep next to each other i what will be the nesting box area. The chickens share their body warmth and when it is time to come out they zoom outside! I am so excited!! 🙂 Here is the article on Apple Cider Vinegar-

Real apple cider vinegar is a natural substance, but only if from a bio farm. It strengthens the immune system, as it is an excellent source of trace and micro elements. However, this is only true of vinegar derived from apples grown in a natural (e.g. grassy) environment free of fertilisers and insecticides. An apple that is artificially cultivated does not undergo real ripening, and so does not contain the biologically complete stock of micro elements of which it is genetically capable.

Apple cider vinegar is an ideal source of organic acid. Organic acids help digestion and the breaking down of food intake, and thus prevent the development of illnesses caused by undigested food.It is widely known that acidity prevents the spread of coli bacteria and salmonellas. These pathogens like a gently alkaline environment in which they can really start to proliferate. Apple cider vinegar mixed in water prevents salmonella from spreading in the waterer. Its acidic effect continues to restrict pathogens, even in the pigeon’s intestines.What is less well-known is that apple cider vinegar can be life-saving. Many have found that in hot weather pigeons’ rate of breathing can increase, dramatically if it is very hot, and pigeons breathe rapidly with their beaks open. On such occasions the increased exchange of air causes more carbon dioxide to leave the blood than normal. This leads to acid deficiency, and so the blood becomes increasingly alkaline (breathing alkalosis). Initially this process generates bad disposition, dizziness, then nausea, and, if it becomes more extreme, death. In hot weather we pine for soft drinks with lemon and carbon dioxide in order to compensate for the acid deficiency. If at such times we give our pigeons water with apple cider vinegar, we can save their lives.In prolonged heat we can achieve even more with a little apple cider vinegar than this. For in addition to the changing pH of the blood, potentially fatal processes are taking place in the digestive system.Heat is a powerful stressor, but is bad for digestion in and of itself, as the vessels in the skin, lungs, etc. expand, while the vessels supplying the digestive system contract. Thus in hot weather consumption of food declines, meaning that good intestinal bacteria do not have adequate nutrition, and so the acid they produce also decreases. Meanwhile, as we have seen, the alkalinity of the blood grows, which is life-threatening. Simply put, the body attempts to compensate for this by taking acid away from the digestive system, further increasing its alkalinity. As the heat stress has already reduced the resistance of the digestive system, all these factors mean that conditions are ideal for the fast proliferation of salmonellas lurking in the intestines.Thus in hot weather there is every chance that a paratyphoid epidemic will flare up. In most cases, all this can be prevented by a simple acidification of drinking water with apple cider vinegar.Like anything else, apple cider vinegar can be overdosed. In too great a quantity it can even damage good intestinal bacteria. The high quantity of acid absorbs calcium (lime) and removes it from the system, which results in motor and reproductive problems. So overdoses of apple vinegar should be avoided. The dose for 5% apple cider vinegar is 4-8ml per litre of drinking water, 1-3 times a week. If we administer it more regularly, e.g. in prolonged hot weather, we should choose a lower level of concentration.In addition, we can use apple cider vinegar for the disinfection of objects, e.g. waterers, or more precisely for the subsequent acidification of a sterilized set of trays. This prevents the spread of salmonellas in the outside world. We should use it for this purpose to wash the floor of the loft, observing caution, especially in enclosed spaces, because acidic gases in the air can reach dangerous concentrations.

The Wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar by Dr. Zsolt Talabér (edited by Martin Degrave)

What did you think? Did you learn anything? Are you going to give your chickens apple cider? I know i am! Chickens Deserve the BEST and don’t you forget it!

Chicken Sleep Over!

Hey everybody. Right now before we start i would like to give the biggest thank you EVER in the world for looking at my chicken blog. Now tonight is the big night… drum roll please!!… almost… wait…and….we are keeping the chickens outside in the coop tonight!!!!!! We are going to test how they cope (tee hee) with their first night in the big house. My dad has made a small roost for the chickens outside. They love it sooo much, they always roost on it side by side. I love watching them, they should REALLY open up a circus. Sometimes the chickens jump on my back and it startles you so bad, you almost scream and jump up. But that would be dangerous.   The dark one is Mable, the golden one is Pippa, and the black and white one is JoJo as you all know.I am the one they are jumping on! 🙂 You wouldn’t believe what the next picture is so i am just going to show you.  “All the chickens lined up perfectly, wait, what did you say, their showing you their buts!” I do not know how i got this picture so perfectly, but i am glad i did!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 These next pictures are of the solar tikis my dad got in a pair of two. We put them on the edges of the coop and at night they glow!  This is the angry one ( it looks like it”s on fire!)  This is the happy one. The chickens are living better than us!!! These other ones are our chickens hanging out with my neighbors chickens. It wasn’t the best idea.My chickens are inside the coop and the neighbors chickens are in the run.   Wish the chickens luck with their first ight the coop. Thanks again for logging on, and i will talk to all of you again later!

Chicken Playdate!!

Today, we took our chickens out and let them run around. Then our neighbors brought over their three chickens and they had a playdate!!!, or (playdon’t) First, we left my chickens in the coop and we locked up the door. Next, we put my neighbors chickens in the big coop area and we let the chickens meet each other through a fence first. Then,  we let the chickens roam togethre. They immediately split into their own “gangs” and stood on opposite  sides of the coop. After a little while the two Red Stars got next to each other.  Pippy pecked Pippa and then Pippa pecked Pippy!! I came in as fast as lightning before anything could happen. I quickly ran over, stomped on the ground, and lightly pushed the chickens away from each other. I felt like the BOSS! I found out something very interesting that day to…the chickens only attack chickens of their same breed. If they are different breeds they do not hurt each other, they barely even look at each other! The playdate might not have been the best, but at least the chickens were introduced to others of their kind.


Chicken Noises (squawk!)

Have you ever seen or heard a chicken make a little high pitched squawk? They tilt their heads, but when they make the noise they don’t really open their mouths. I always wonder what makes them do that? How do they all do it simultaneously? Why is it so interesting to them? I think they might have heard a noise that they are not familiar with, and s it gives the other chickens a kind of curious squawk. I love all of their different noises!! Chirps and squawks are my favorite noises. You never really know what they mean. It is kind of like a secret chicken language that only they can understand. Just like when we talk it is probably very abnormal to them. Sometimes they will communicate by “sizing each other up.” Sometimes i see two of my chickens standing face to face. They will raise their heads really high at the exact same time, jump in the air, squawk loudly, and run away. Funniest sight ever!!! :)They can also tell each other that it is their territory and theirs only by pecking them, usually on the head, or getting really close to them and scaring them away from their away. But alls well that ends well because usually the chickens will end up sharing, after all they are all chickens learning to live together! 

Chicken Poo!

The chickens are now 7 weeks old! We are going to start feeding them the Grower food instead of the Starter food! They grow up so fast!!!!! (sob sob sob) They have even been going into the coop by themselves!! The chickens must have thought it got cold so they all strolled into the coop and went to sleep side by side. I am so proud of them! 🙂 🙂 JoJo is much friendlier now. I love dancing with the chickens, too. I am not sure the chickens like to be danced with, but it is very fun and i love hearing their little, almost silent, gobbles. Now it has come the time to tell the truth about are chickens poo. IT IS GROSS!!!! Whenever they are going to the bath room they squat down,spread out their feathers, wiggle their buts, and a very disgusting glob of poo comes out. EEWWWW!!!!! I don’t know how many of you have ever seen a chicken poo, but if you get the chance, SAY NO! But for all of the chicken owners out there you know exactly what i am talking about. I also love when they are pruning and they ruffle up all of their head feathers and it looks like they are wearing a crown! Then they puff up and they look like they have been filled with helium!! 🙂 🙂 🙂=Pippa in coop!   =JoJo, left, Mable, right( sharing quality time together!

Sleeping Chickens

Today  i took the chickens outside in the coop. I wanted to see what all of the chickens would do if i put them in the closed coop and shut all the doors. After i did that i went over to take care of the neighbors dog. I almost forgot about the chickens! When i came back i opened the small door to see what they were doing. Every chicken was lined up perfectly on the roosting bar in the coop. And almost all of them were asleep! It was one of the cutest things, sadly i don’t have a picture. But then came the hard part, I had to get the chickens out of the coop to put them back int their inside enclosure. I am not sure why we had to take them inside though because my mom said we could try leaving them overnight in the coop to see what they did. I mean they practically live their WHOLE LIVES outside now anyway. We found out that talking to them helps coax them out of the coop. After about 10 minutes we got all the chickens out. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait until we can let them roam freely around the yard! It is going to be so much fun!!!! I almost saw JoJo go up the ramp into the coop, but she didn’t go all the way up, (just one more inch!) We have been trying to teach them to go up the ramp and into the coop.But we will just have to keep teaching them!  Chicken School!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂