Chicken Trivia-Day 1

I am Julia, I must be one of the biggest chicken lovers in the world. My parents have agreed to let us get chickens in the spring. We have all ready gotten an  A- framed chicken coop. It would usually cost $600, but some of my moms friend gave it to us for free because they got a different chicken coop!!!!!! Me, my dad, and my sister washed it with the hose, scrubbed it down, and put on a enviormentaly friendly clear coting on top of the wood. This clear paint will keep the rain from seeping through the cracks and it will give the wood a solid finish. Both me and my sister get to decide on which chicken we want to get. I have decided on the Golden Laced Wyandotte chicken, and my sister is either going to get the Red Star chicken or the Orpington chicken. We are going to get them as chicks and then raise them. We will then keep them for about 3 years. Their eggs only have good nutrition in them for about 2 years and it will take about 1 year for them to grow to full size. I did all of my research from a book called Raising Chicken for Dummies . I did so much research that i know EVERYTHING  about chickens. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment box or if you have any comment, in the comment box. I LOVE getting comments so go ahead. My family has decided to get all of our chicken feed from a place called The Feed Store. We are getting our chicks from a different place. We better be ready to plant some more grass and collect some eggs!